“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful
form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
Ann Wigmore, holistic health practitioner


Founder Herbert Salim created The Hunters’ Kitchenette® for his wife Natalia as an extension of their daily life. The couple enjoys making delicious, healthy nut butters together for their family of two small children.

The Salim family lives strongly by the adage that “if you can’t recognise an ingredient, your body can’t either.” They are passionate about making good food choices and stick by their beliefs. Rather than buying off-the-shelf spreads that are highly processed and loaded with sugar and vegetable oils, Herbert makes his own.

And so The Hunters’ Kitchenette® is born, with a mission to promote clean eating and primal living. The name is a play on the Hunter Gatherer lifestyle the family is on, which has become their way of thinking when making decisions about food. The brand’s mantra is for everyone to take full control of their health with the right information and apply that to daily life.

Family and friends love the nut butters, and encourage them to share the delectable spreads with the public. Very soon they are selling at farmers’ markets and officially launch The Hunters’ Kitchenette® in January 2014.

Here’s what our customers have to say.

“Superb taste with no guilty feeling after consuming it as it does not contain palm oil, fructose syrup and other artificial ingredients (unlike other popular hazelnut and peanut butter brands). Kids love it! Love The Hunters’ Kitchenette®’s macadamia nuts, hazelnut, pistachio and almond butter!”
Nani Kurnia, Toa Payoh, Singapore

“Winner products from Singapore of superior quality and taste. The Hunters’ Kitchenette® pistachio nut butter is unrivalled; I have not tasted any nut butter as good in my life.”
Manda Foo, Secretary, Kranji Countryside Association

“Giving my 4-year old all the healthy nutrients she needs is so easy now! I just feed her some of these delicious nut butters from The Hunters’ Kitchenette® daily and she loves them. Much easier than feeding her vegetables!”
Rachel Tan, Mountbatten, Singapore

“The Hunters’ Kitchenette® nut butters are the one good thing that you can eat without worrying about anything!”
Heriani Yo, Indonesia