Nutty Recipes: Our Favorite Ways To Savor Nut Butters

The sky’s the limit!

1. Eat the butters with gluten free bread which is low in sugar unlike wheat bread (from the carbs/starch).  Here are our two simplest and best tasting homemade Almond Bread with banana or without.

2. Combine macadamia butter with good quality dark chocolate shavings, spread liberally on your favourite bread for an epicurean delight. Choose chocolate bar with minimum 60% cocoa and only contain these basic ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cane sugar and vanilla.

3. As a dip for apples and pears, the almond and cashew-sesame butters make the pair a crunchy treat! Try banana with hazelnut butter too.

4. Drizzle macadamia butter on raw or grilled banana, on baked or steamed sweet potatoes with a touch of sea salt —tastes simply divine.

Choose the orange or purple flesh sweet potato because they have the highest amount nutrition and antioxidant content. Macadamia’s healthy fat will help our body to absorb the nutrients.

5. Create an appetizing breakfast of gluten free pancake using banana, eggs and almond butter. Recipe will be available soon.

6. Make a grain free power bar with a mixture of nuts, chopped dark chocolate, dates, almond flour, almond butter and eggs. Recipe will be available soon.

7. Mix any nut butters into rich, yummy smoothies with coffee, coconut milk, coconut water or carrot juice as the liquid base. Recipes will be available soon.

8. Just enjoy them by the spoonful, especially pistachio! You can also make awesome dip for roast pork or other savory roasted meat with pistachio butter.

9. Use almond and cashew butter to substitute any recipes calling for peanut sauce or peanut butter. Almond sauce works amazingly well with meat, while combination of Cashew butter and miso is fantastic with noodle, buckwheat soba, springrolls or as salad dressing!