Almond (200gr)

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Almonds (lightly roasted with FIR), coconut palm sugar, unrefined sea salt.

NO added oils of any kind, margarine, preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy, peanut. Suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, Paleo, Primal Blueprint, Ketogenic, Low-carb lifestyle & all health-lovers.

Versatile & Nutty

Almonds are incredibly versatile and impart exceptional flavour to almost any dish! Our richly decadent almond nut butters are oh-so-tasty yet packed with healthful nutrients.

Lightly roasted, salted and sweetened with less than a teaspoon of coconut palm sugar, this delightful nut butter is must-have in your pantry.

Pair with Red apple, pear and banana. Use our rich and creamy almond butter for making smoothies, almond milk,  in any of your cooking or baking recipes that call for peanut butter. Almond makes delicious sauce for your steaks, roast chicken and also as salad dressings.

Your culinary concoctions will be so much tastier and healthier, and you won’t have to worry about the aflatoxins and excessive Omega 6 fat found in peanuts. Feasting on almond butter has never been more satisfying!

Nutty Benefits

Almonds are really good for your heart!  Besides providing a hefty dose of heart healthy monounsaturated fats, they are also good sources of supplementary protein. According to several large studies, this wondrous nut actually reduces cardiovascular risk by slashing bad cholesterol. What provides the protective heart benefits is the combination of powerful antioxidant flavonoids concentrated in the almond’s skin.

Almonds are also bursting with Vitamin E, one of your body’s key antioxidants, and minerals like manganese, potassium, riboflavin and copper. The phosphorous in almonds also build strong bones and teeth, which are great for growing children and preventing osteoporosis. One ounce of almonds provides 76 milligrams of calcium, or a whopping six times more than cashews!

Women especially will love this fact: almond-enriched diets help the overweight to shed more pounds and achieve smaller waistlines, less body fat and lower blood pressures.

Now here’s a nut after your own heart.

Almonds…Fit for (Egyption) Kings

Back in ancient Egypt, almonds were a prized ingredient in breads served to the Pharaoh kings. With an amazing ancestry that dates as far back in history as the Bible, almonds have literally come a long way. While their exact origin remains unknown, the earliest varieties were discovered in China and carried down the ancient Silk Road to Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.

Many may not know that they are actually seeds from a medium sized tree that produces flowers and almond fruit. They thrive in Mediterranean-type climate such as California where our almonds are from. California also produces 82% of the world’s almonds, with the rest cultivated in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea including Spain, Italy, Portugal and Morocco.


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