Cashew (200gr)

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Cashews (lightly roasted with FIR), coconut palm sugar, unrefined sea salt.

NO added oils of any kind, margarine, preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy, peanut. Suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, Paleo, Primal Blueprint, Ketogenic, Low-carb lifestyle & all health-lovers.

Sweet, Creamy & Milky

Cashews are irresistibly tasty with its distinctive nutty aroma. Our cashew nut butters seal in their delicately sweet, uber creamy and milky flavours.

Savour the buttery treat as a spread on your favourite bread and crackers, or as dipping for celery and carrot sticks. Make cashew-miso sauce and transfrom it into noodle sauce, spring roll dip or salad dressing!

For cooking, this luscious nut butter also adds a rich, delicious flavour to any stir fry or curry. It is great in soups, meat stews and milky desserts.

Or eat it straight from the jar by the spoonful for a delectable treat.

Nutty Benefits

Cashews lower your blood pressure and promote robust health.  It is packed with soluble fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like manganese, potassium, copper, iron and selenium. They are a great source of protein, containing 5 grams for every ounce or about 28 grams, compared to 6 grams protein in a boiled egg. It also contains magnesium which is protective against high blood pressure and works with calcium to promote strong bones structure.

With one of the highest antioxidant content in nuts, it dramatically decreases the risk of heart disease. Compared to almonds, cashews contain double the amount of zinc, which gives these nuts powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also contains oleic acid which is a similar heart-healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil.

Cashews… South American Beauties

Native to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, cashews are spread all over the world by Portuguese traders in the sixteenth century. First introduced to Mozambique, Africa and then India, it soon takes deep roots in the entire coastal region.

A cashew is actually the edible seed or nut of the domesticated cashew tree and grows out of a strange “apple”.  Cashews are the number one crop in the world after almonds, and flourishes in hot, humid climates like Brazil and Peru.


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