Hazelnut (200gr)

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Hazelnuts (lightly roasted with FIR), coconut palm sugar, unrefined sea salt.

NO added oils of any kind, margarine, preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy, peanut. Suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, Paleo, Primal Blueprint, Ketogenic, Low-carb lifestyle & all health-lovers.

Rich, Luxurious, Extremely Fragrant & Elegant

Velvety and creamy, hazelnut butters are a delicious addition to any pantry. Just a spoonful of this all luxurious, natural hazelnut butter will send you to seventh heaven!

Spread it on your favourite bread, banana, waffle, pancakes, drizzle on avocado or ice cream, or makes awesome smoothies!

Nutty Benefits

Hazelnuts are agents of optimal health! They are packed with numerous health promoting phyto-chemicals which give protection from diseases. Their rich supply of phytosterols makes some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Excellent sources of vitamin E, hazelnuts help protect your body tissues from the damage of free radicals. Hazelnuts are also extremely rich in folate, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals like manganese, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. Their rich mono-unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid help clean out the plaques from your blood vessels.

Hazelnuts… From Turkey With Love

Like other nuts, hazelnuts have travelled halfway around the world too. They are reputed to be native to Asia Minor, having been cultivated in China for more than 5,000 years. They soon spread to Italy, Spain, France, and Germany via Greece. Our hazelnuts come from Turkey, the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world. Interestingly, the English named the hazelnuts “filberts” because they are harvested during the celebration of St. Philbert’s Day. Well we know that by any other name, hazelnuts taste just as good!


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